The Importance of Primer

10 Jan , 2018

Although the application of primer can increase the cost, it is essential because it ensures a proper adhesion of the paint with the surface. Prior to application of primer, the surfaces should be properly cleaned, free of rust, grease and dry.

What is a Paint Primer?

Primer paint is a coating layer that is applied on the surface prior to the paint. It ensures that the paint adheres to the surface, increases the robustness of the paint, and makes for a better, smoother finish that will last years longer. Primer also fills the pores of permeable materials which allows the top paint layer to be even, unblemished and provide a professional and great looking finish. Primer will increase and enhance the lifespan of any paint and help protect the material underneath from rust and rot.
Application of paint to unprimed surfaces may cause peeling and the development of cracks, compared to when the paint is cleaned and primed. Surfaces that have been previously painted may not need priming unless the paint has begun to deteriorate and reveal the raw material surface. Primers can be chosen to work with the color and type of the paint. There are many different types of primer and many of these work better with specific paints.
We always recommend you prime surfaces but it is even more necessary if the surface will be exposed to moisture.