10 Tips for Spray Painting Metal

10 Jan , 2018

Many items around your house can be transformed with spray paint including light fixtures, door handles, picture frames, lamps, taps, any type furniture and pretty much everything else! Spray painting is one of the easiest ways to paint metal surfaces and you can achieve a professionally smooth finish that is impossible to achieve with a brush and tin of paint. Here are some useful tips on spray painting metal surfaces. We recommend you read them before you start, please contact us if you need more advice on what type of spray paints to use on metal or other surfaces.

  1. Work in a well Ventilated Area

    Spray painting results in a fine emission of paint particles which shouldn’t be inhaled in excessive auntities. We recommended opening a window and wearing a mask when using spray paints. Gloves are also a good idea to stop you staining your hands.

  2. Prepare your Work Area

    You will get the best results if the temperature, humidity, and wind are under control. Avoid wrking in windy conditions or extreme temperatures (either hot or cold) Protect surrounding areas with sheets and clean any paint off surfaces whilst it is still wet if possible.

  3. Remove any Rust

    It is very important to remove rust before you spray paint a metal surface. Use sandpaper or a wire brush to remove the rust and then wipe the area clean with a damp cloth.

  4. Remove Any Grease or Dirt

    For the best finish clean the area you are spraying well. Any dirt or grease on the surface will become trapped under the paint and result in an uneven finish.

  5. Use Primer

    Primer is essential when painting metal. Failure to prime the surface with an appropriate primer may cause your paint to not adhere to the surface leading to the paint peeling off and then rust forming. For a long lasting finish use a primer that is recommended for your surface and that is compatible with your choice of paint.

  6. Shake the Can Well

    Make sure you shake your spray paints thoroughly before you start to ensure a smooth finish and avoid uneven areas.

  7. Do a Test Coat

    If possible spray paint a scrap piece of metal first or a piece of cardboard. Get used to the pressure and flow of the paint from the can. Practice spraying and avoiding spraying in one place. Always keep your hand moving.

  8. Hold the Can About One Foot Away From the Object

    Hold the can about 12 inches from your surface. Holding it to close will lead to uneven build up of paint and holding to far away will result in uneven coverage.

  9. Spray in Thin Coats and Repeat if Necessary

    Use thin coats and then wait for the paint to dry. If necessary add another coat. Trying to cover the area in one go will lead to a poor finish.

  10. Ask for advice

    If you are unsure of what paint to use or how to use it please contact us and ask for advice. We want you to get the best result from the paints you buy from us. We are here to help!